How to Craft a Killer Headline

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How to Craft a Killer Headline recent study by Retention Science

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When publishing a press release the headline that you create is, in many cases, the only impression that you will have the opportunity to make on a potential reader. If you do not create a compelling line that will turn a browser into an actual reader, the fact is that you might as well not even provide any other content. This means that from a content marketing and copywriting standpoint, crafting killer headlines is crucial.

When it comes to the headline of your email, it is even more crucial. A recent study by Retention Science analyzed more than 260 million emails and found that when the subject lines of the emails were kept between six and 10 words, they received an open rate of 21 percent. It also showed that subject lines of five or fewer words received an open rate of 16 percent.

The study also showed that up to 35 percent of the emails that were considered in this study were accessed on a mobile device, which reinforces the importance of ensuring subject lines are short, sweet and to the point. The fact is that smartphones will only display five, maybe six, words of a subject line, which means having a brief and concise title is more critical than ever before.

Retention Science made the suggestion that in order to increase the open rates of the emails that you create you use a person’s name in the actual subject line or a song lyric or a well-known movie title.
Another key to increasing your open rate: include the receiver’s first name.

The bottom line is that you have to relate to the person receiving the email, whether it be on a “first name” basis or by mentioning a song or movie. Also, keep it short, which will ensure that it has the full potential to encourage an open.

The next time you go to send and email, post a blog to your website or submit a press release for distribution online, think twice about the headline you’re using. Craft a killer headline and watch engagement levels soar like a shooting star.

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