Pakistan Rises Above Indian Film and Music Standards and Challenges Hollywood

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Omer Pasha Music Videos

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Pakistani filmmaker and singer Omer Pasha topples Bollywood and years of Indian supremacy on Pakistani cinema by producing a string of shorts and musicals with an all foreign cast to directly match Hollywood standards.Raised in Islamabad, Omer Pasha now permanently living in Canada, has single handedly uplifted Pakistani film and music into international spotlight.


In the tenure of less than 3 years , Omer Pasha has combined with a team of all Canadian actors, actresses and models that have redefined cinematic style and production. More than 8000 music videos by Omer Pasha have been compiled into 25 musical shorts and features that are now released on Amazon stores USA with the inclusion of 250 songs in 3 album volumes distributed via iTunes, Spotify, Emusic, Deezer and Sony Entertainment.


  1. Omer Pasha Music
  2. Omer Pasha Music Volume 2
  3. Omer Pasha Music (A Canadian Tribute)

The recent fourth album on iTunes : Fratpad Fratmen (A World Wide Tribute) is a compilation of 20 songs dedicated and a tribute to the Fratmen of Arizona.

These Pakistani-Canadian musicals and films rise above Bollywood and Indian norms of movie cinema and music.  All films and musicals are in English and comprise of an all foreign cast as Omer Pasha being the only Pakistani.


These Pakistani films/music videos no longer challenge Bollywood Indian actors, actresses and films anymore as they rise above them and level and challenge directly artists like Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Madonna , One Direction, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Cher and Beyonce etc. A great deal of Omer Pasha Music Videos are a tribute to the Fratmen from Fratpad based in Arizona, The Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the night life of Vancouver, BC.  Out of these 25 films, the 3 most notable musicals are :


  1. The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned) Musical
  2. The Soul of Cole (Musical)
  3. Blue Sapphire Jazz Nights


Although all production and distribution has entirely taken place in Canada of all 25 films, some parts of the films have been filmed in Islamabad and Lahore. Films such as:


  1. California Midnight Movies
  2. Come To Me (USA Mega Saga Edition)




All films were first theatrically released in local galas, fashion show events, nightclubs and cocktail parties in Vancouver, BC in 2012 and 2013. All films were then formatted to DVD and Pay Per View format and released on Amazon USA in 2014 and 2015.


Official List of 25 Omer Pasha Films :

  1. The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned) Musical
  2. The Soul of Cole (Musical)
  3. Omer Pasha Trance Mixes (TV2 Edition)
  4. The Cal Crew : Sequel and Las Vegas Club Nights
  5. Blue Sapphire Jazz Nights
  6. The Cursed Riddles of California
  7. California Midnight Movies
  8. California Midnight Women
  9. Omer Pasha Music Videos (American Television Edition)
  10. Red Dreams
  11. Christ Premonitions
  12. Kobra
  13. Christ is Coming
  14. Men’s Glamour Photoshoots
  15. Fratpad Fratmen Ultimate Tribute
  16. The Soul of Cole (Canadian Edition)
  17. Music Videos About Alaska
  18. Music Videos About Arizona
  19. Music Videos About California
  20. Music Videos About Florida
  21. Music Videos About Vancouver
  22. Come To Me (USA Mega Saga Edition)
  23. The New World Order : Art Thriller Christ Rituals
  24. The Hidden Messages of World War 3 (Musical)
  25. Barham Boulevard (Musical)

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Omer Pasha Music Videos

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