Tijania leaders in Washington salute King Mohammed VI’s visit to Senegal

2015-05-22 18:57:23 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com - Press Release World News News)

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In  a  reaction to the media  following  the visit that HM King Mohammed VI began on Wednesday in Dakar, for a working and friendship visit in the Republic of Senegal, leaders of the Tariqa Tijania  confraternity in the Greater Washington area saluted the essential role of  the Sovereign in promoting tolerant and open Islam in Africa and the world.

“We are honored and moved by this visit, which follows several others in  the last years and which produces evidence, once again, to Senegal’s particular  place in the Sovereign’s heart”, Shaykh El Hadji Sall said to the press.

Noting that this visit is followed with “great interest” by members of the  Tijania confraternity, Shaykh El Hadji Sall recalled that numerous projects in  Senegal are the fruit of Moroccan-Senegal partnership.
For Shaykh Papa Mboup, another member of Tijania confraternity, this  ”blessed” trip will give new impetus to Moroccan-Senegalese cooperation. He was  also grateful and proud of the efforts made by HM the King to propagate the  authentic teachings and values of Islam.
The spiritual influence of HM the King, in his capacity as Commander of  the faithful, was further highlighted by US TV channel “Public Broadcasting  Service” (PBS), which noted that the Sovereign is “a spiritual leader and a  descendent of the Prophet, a fact that promotes religious and political  coherence and moderate and tolerant Islam, guaranteeing the country’s spiritual  security”.
PBS  highlighted the royal initiatives to promote a happy-medium Islam,  notably the establishment of the Mohammed VI institute for the training of  Imams, Morchidines and Morchidates, stressing that it is “an ambitious” step  for guaranteeing the Kingdom’s spiritual and religious security through the  promotion of the values of tolerance and moderation.

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