King Mohammed VI ’s Speech reaffirms Morocco’s forward march

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HM King Mohammed VI delivered, on July 30th  in Rabat, a speech to the Nation on the occasion of Throne Day marking the 16th anniversary of the sovereign’s accession the throne.

The Sovereign’s  speech of this year was marked by a strong focus on social and humanitarian issues facing the nation.

The Sovereign pledged to spare no effort to improve the living conditions and ease the suffering of the populations living in disadvantaged areas.  To attain this goal and consolidate ongoing initiatives, he said that he instructed the  Minister of Interior, whose ministry is in charge of these communities, to carry out  a comprehensive field study aimed at identifying the needs of every douar (rural community) and  every region in terms of infrastructure and basic social services, such as  education, health, water, electric power and roads.

To ensure the success of this ambitious social scheme, the King urged the Government to  develop an integrated plan of action, built on partnerships between all  government agencies and the institutions concerned, with a vision to providing  funding for the projects and drawing up a precise timetable for their  implementation. 

The projects can be integrated into the new vision of the National Initiative for Human Development and appended to the forthcoming programs of the regional  and local councils, which now have significant resources and extensive powers. 

The King also adopted  the problems of the Moroccan diaspora, particularly when it comes to their contact with their diplomatic missions. The Sovereign said that “during my visits abroad and when meeting with  members of our community living abroad, I was able to have a clear idea about  their concerns and legitimate ambitions.”

“I urge the Minister of Foreign Affairs to take firm action and remedy the  problematic situation in some consulates,” HM the King underscored ”that those found to be guilty of neglecting their  duties, flouting the interests of the Moroccan community abroad or mistreating its members should be dismissed, stressing that consuls should be selected  carefully, on the basis of competence, responsibility and commitment to serving  our citizens abroad”. 

Furthermore, in order to increase their participation in national politics, the King called for the implementation of the constitutional provisions relating to their  representation in consultative institutions and participative democracy and  governance bodies. 

Speaking to Morocco’s territorial integrity, the King reaffirmed  that Morocco will never allow anyone to undermine its  sovereignty and territorial integrity, nor will it tolerate any attempt to harm  its institutions or offend the dignity of its citizens.

In regards to regional solidarity, the King recalled Morocco’s strategic diplomacy is aimed at promoting  active South-South cooperation, especially with African sister nations. 

”The visits I have paid to a number of African countries have contributed to  shaping an economic cooperation model based on shared interest and a desire to  improve the quality of life of African citizens,” said the Sovereign.

The King added that ”Being committed to its Arab and Islamic identity, the Kingdom of Morocco has  also joined the inter-Arab alliances to fight terrorism and restore legitimacy in Yemen, called for by my brother King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the  Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and has supported strategic Arab partners  and sister nations.  It is important, in this regard, to achieve negotiated solutions in Yemen,  Syria, Iraq and Libya with the participation of all the stakeholders concerned,  making sure these countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity are  preserved”.

Concerning the relationship  with the Euro-Mediterranean region, The King reaffirmed that Morocco has been actively engaged in  developing its partnership with EU countries. In this respect, He said ”I am particularly keen to strengthen Morocco’s exceptional  partnership with France by working jointly with His Excellency President  François Hollande.  I am also keen to build on the close friendship with His Majesty King Felipe VI  to consolidate our cooperation and good neighborly relations with Spain. I am  just as eager to develop fruitful cooperation with the other European  countries. 

Regarding the strategic partnership with the United  States of America,  The King reaffirmed  his keenness to consolidate the strategic partnership which is rooted in the values and principles that the Moroccan and American peoples have in common and in which they believe.


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