Sa Kaeo Province ’s Thai Army Give The House For The Needy

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Bangkok, Thailand, 08/17/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Sa Keao, Thailand- The Royal Thai Army Commander of Sa Kaeo Province Major General Suriya Pawaree presided over the ceremony of the house giving for the needy. This is the Royal charity project for the Queen of Thailand. The Sa Kaeo’s Thai Army and Thai Udom Subdistrict Administrative Organizationon jointly prepared in royal honor on the auspicious occasion of 83rd Queen Sirikit ’s birthday on August 12, 2558.

Major General Suriya Pawaree said this project is particularly auspicious for all sectors in the Sa keao province that we has integrated joint support the budget to help the needy people. It is important and urgent project.

the president of Thai Udom Subdistrict Administrative Organization Manijun Yothong said about this project, the Royal Thai Army assign the Sa kaeo ’s Thai army officers  build the residence that is 1 floor building. There are 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom on 100 square two-meters. This building  is 6 metre wide and 8 metre length. The total cost is 100,000 baht. It is the project to enhance the quality of life for needy people to be better. It will improve the community to be strong and be secure follow by the Royal Thai Army ’s slogan that is “For Country, Religions, Monarchy and people”. Everyone can confidently in Royal Thai Army because we will beside on people and ready to help and support every part with the dedicated and fully of ability that to make achievement happens in development and make the National Security all the time.

Sa Kaeo Province ’s Thai Army ordered all institution in Sa kaeo province to help the needy people who cannot career. These action included the way of living, the public service, the residential repairing and maintenances. These are the needy people helping for the better life of people. And These are the expression of love, unity and cooperation of Sa kaeo citizen.


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by Kittima Chanwattanasil


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