5 Problems Girls Have When Playing Soccer.

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Ella Witherite

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While playing soccer some girls face certain disadvantages. I have addressed some of the common problems girls have while playing soccer and gave a few tips that have helped me when playing soccer.


Tip # 1. Getting Hurt

When playing soccer girls can be tough but also get hurt. We can get hurt from being tripped, falling or trying to stop the ball with either our head, chest and sometimes accidently face.


Tip # 2. Hair getting in the way

Some girls like to have long hair. When it comes to sports having your hair down isn’t the best option. When I play soccer I either have my hair in a bun, pony tail, braid or french braid. My favorite is a pony tail with a braid in the pony tail. I like this because if it’s windy hair doesn’t get in my face or accidently in someone else’s face.


Tip # 3. Wearing Heels

Girls who play soccer a lot get really strong legs. This causes large calf muscle, which if you want to look very sporty it’s good but if you like to wear heels a lot, the heels make your leg flex that muscle.


Tip # 4. Finding the right clothes

For people who play soccer or other sports it becomes important what to shop for. I can’t even begin to tell you how many wind shorts and tennis shoes I have. Then when I want to go somewhere nice it’s always hard to find something nice to wear. Sometimes my parents will say

“you have plenty of stuff in your closet” when i ask to go shopping.


Tip # 5. Tans/sunburns

Dreaded shirt tans/sunburns. Most soccer jerseys are short sleeved, and if you are playing all day in the sun you can just imagine what that leads to…. FARMER TANS. For any teen girl these are the worst because all I ever dream of is being tan and then i have this horrible tan that all i can wear is short sleeves. I suggest that when you are playing no matter what always put on sunscreen, it’s not going to hurt you but it will protect you from the hot sun.


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