King Mohammed VI’s Speech on King and People’s Revolution Day

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On August 20, 2015, Morocco celebrated the 62nd anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People. On this historical occasion , HM King Mohammed VI delivered a strong speech to the nation.

During his address , the sovereign emphasized the importance of the coming elections,  explaining that the citizens’ power to protect their interests, find solutions to some of their problems, hold their representatives accountable and replace them, can be summarized in one word: “vote”.

”Voting is a right and a national duty, a major responsibility that has to be shouldered. It is a tool in your hands, you either use it to change the daily management of your affairs or to maintain the status quo, good or bad,” the king underlined,  stressing  that ”the purpose sought from elections is not to hold senior positions, but to serve the citizens.”

During his speech,  the sovereign  also reiterated Morocco’s firm commitment to preserve its security and fully protect its borders.

“Morocco has been working continuously to preserve its security and fully protect its borders, especially during the past two years. This mission has been accomplished, thanks to the joint efforts of all authorities and forces concerned,” said the monarch.

”Morocco, which is fighting at the national level the causes that might lead to extremism and terrorism, is also exposed, just like any other country in the region, if not in the world, to these threats,” the king said, adding that, ”unfortunately, some countries in the region are going through difficult times, due to insecurity and the proliferation of arms and radical groups”.

”In this regard, the Kingdom has imposed entry visas on some Arab nationals, namely Syrians and Libyans”, said the king.

”Morocco has regrettably been forced to take such a measure given the circumstances,” noted the sovereign, underlining that” this decision is not aimed at any party and should not be seen as an unfriendly gesture. “It is a sovereign decision and as the defender of the country’s security and stability, I will not tolerate any carelessness or negligence in protecting Morocco and Moroccans,” he underscored.

”In the past, a number of refugees from countries plagued by security challenges managed to enter the country,” the king said, adding that ”they live in dire conditions and need to be treated by Moroccans as guests and come to their assistance”.

”In return, these refugees have to abide by Moroccan laws and respect sacred national and religious values, mainly the Sunni Maliki rite,” he underlined, warning that ”any breach of Moroccan law and regulations will lead to deportation”.

 ”I am referring particularly to those who attempt to create chaos inside and outside mosques or join criminal and terrorist gangs,” he said.

Morocco will nonetheless remain a land of hospitality for its guests, without becoming a land of refuge, the monarch affirmed, underlining that “we have our own priorities and we need to address them,” and “we are striving to face our own challenges in order to ensure Moroccans enjoy a dignified life.”

The sovereign seized this opportunity to pay tribute to all security forces for their mobilization and vigilance in order to foil any terrorist plot aimed at upsetting the Moroccan model, which is globally recognized as unique, reaffirming that the country’s security and stability are not the exclusive responsibility of state institutions, but the duty of all citizens, in collaboration and coordination with the competent authorities.

”Extremism can only be fought through a participatory approach, based on the promotion of the values of openness and tolerance embraced by Moroccans, and the combination of social, development, religious and educational dimensions, as well as security aspects,” concluded the king.

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