Morocco and France sign the ”Tangiers’ Call” on climate change

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 As part of his official visit to Morocco, French President François Hollande co-chaired with HM King Mohammed VI, on Sunday, September 20, at the Gueznaya urban commune  (Tangiers-Assilah prefecture), the launch ceremony of the “Tangiers’ Call for  solidarity-based and strong action in favor of climate”.

The Tangiers’ Call, which follows the Manila Call (the Philippines) and the  Fort-de-France Call, rings the alarm bell concerning the urgency to take a  solidarity-based and strong action in favor of climate and the need to act  quickly, soundly and collectively to fight climate change.

Morocco and France, which will assume the presidency of the upcoming COP21 and COP22, call for seizing the occasion of the Paris and Marrakech conferences to  speed up the transition towards a green global economy, reconciling legitimate  aspirations for development with the pressing need for resources’  sustainability and the reduction of environmental risks.

The Tangiers’ Call recalls that Morocco and France are committed to sparing no  effort to work for the adoption, during the Paris conference, of a  legally-binding universal, global, sustainable, and balanced agreement, based  on the UN framework agreement on climate change and allowing to curb global  warming under 2 degree Celsius and achieve a carbon-free economy.

It also underlines that the Marrakech conference will be a crucial phase in  this regard, adding that this long-term effort depends on the fact that all  countries will declare their national contributions before the Paris  conference, in addition to the elaboration of national carbon-free development  and adaptation plans on the long term.

Morocco and France call on developed countries to state the financial support  which they have already provided and intend to give in the coming years to  reach the goal of mobilizing 100 billion dollars yearly starting 2020 from  public and private resources in favor of actions to fight climate change in  developing countries.

On this occasion, HM the King and president François Hollande signed the joint statement “the Tangiers’ Call”.

In addition , the  two Heads of State launched, at the Gueznaya urban commune  (Tangiers-Assilah prefecture), the building works of the Institute of Renewable  Energy and Energy Efficiency Training Jobs (IFMEREE).

Worth 95 million dirhams, this pilot project will help support the national  energy strategy launched by Morocco in 2009 and which seeks, through the development of  solar and wind energy projects, to bring the share of renewable energy in the  total installed electric capacity to 42% by the year 2020, curb greenhouse gas  emissions and slash the consumption of conventional energy sources.

The institute is part of the partnership agreement signed on May 31, 2011,  under the chairmanship of HM King Mohammed VI, between the State and  professionals of the sector of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and  concerning the setting up and management of three institutes of  renewable  energy and energy efficiency training jobs in Oujda, Tangiers and Ouarzazate.

These institutes (285 mln MAD), including the Oujda’s which is already built  and equipped, are meant to train operators, technicians and executives on jobs  related to renewable energy and energy efficiency, mainly the maintenance and  exploitation of wind farms, the installation and maintenance of solar, thermal  and photovoltaic equipment, the maintenance and exploitation of thermodynamic  solar electricity, and the use of biogas fields.

They are also aimed at providing continuous training for employees of  renewable energy and energy efficiency enterprises.

Constructed over 19,735 square meters, the future IFMEREE of Tangiers will be  carried out by the ministry of national education and vocational training  within 18 months and will ensure training notably on the maintenance and  exploitation of wind farms, the installation and maintenance of solar  equipment, the exploitation of biogas fields, and energy efficiency  (transportation, industry..).

The IFMEREE network is the fruit of a partnership, on the one hand, between  the ministry of national education and vocational training, the energy  ministry, the economy ministry, the Moroccan agency for solar energy (MASEN),  the national office for electricity and drinking water (ONEE), the national  agency for the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency (ADEREE),  the Federation of mechanical and electromechanical metallurgical industries  (FIMME), the National Federation of Electricity, Electronics and Renewable  Energy (FENELEC) and, on the other hand, the EU, the French Development Agency  and the Deutsche Gersellschaft Fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).


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