Morocco-France : A Perfect Convergence Of Point Of Views

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French President Francois Hollande arrived in Tangiers ( Morocco) on Saturday, September 19, for a two-day work and friendship visit at the invitation of HM King Mohammed VI.

Upon his arrival to the Northern city of Tangiers, one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean Sea, President  Hollande , accompanied by several ministers and a delegation of business leaders , was welcomed by the King of Morocco.

According to the Elysee Palace  (French President’s office) , the visit seeks to deepen the exceptional French-Moroccan relations in several areas.

France-Morocco bilateral relations have always been unique and have, through the years, reached a stage of maturity and constructive complicity especially between the two heads of state. Therefore, the visit of the French President this Saturday to Morocco reflects a renewed ambition to strengthen the solid ties already existing between the two countries which are based on the foundations of trust and mutual respect.

The French President tour in Morocco is also an indication that France is well aware of Morocco’s importance as a reliable and strategic ally, given Morocco’s political and institutional stability which in turn contributes to giving a strong economic content to the bilateral relations.

The Kingdom of Morocco is keen on building a peaceful and reliable relationship with France in the context of a regional environment threatened by the prospects of a possible instability in Algeria related to the opacity surrounding the health of Algeria’s President Bouteflika and the intensity of rivalry within the Algerian politico-military establishment in the event of a sudden death of the Algerian President.

Morocco’s efforts to democratize and develop the country can no longer go unnoticed at a time when other neighboring countries are still struggling from the outcome of the arab spring. As a result of this, Morocco succeeded in forging balanced relations not only with major powers like the US and France but also with key countries in the African Continent. Morocco is investing in the future of Africa by helping other African countries build their economies and their infrastructure in order to reinforce south-south cooperation.

Therefore, the visit of the French President will be an occasion for Morocco to make a case for a tripartite partnership, Morocco / France / Africa, in order to build this continent where Morocco plays a major role.


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