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Soul Link, a method from Gary Sinclair’s latest book, Healing Memories in Seconds is currently at peer review with the International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The book is a how-to book for healing or neutralizing any negative feeling or emotion. 

Soul Link neutralizes negative memories all the way to your worst memories ever, including PTSD, in approximately 20 seconds. From thirty-five years of research, Gary Sinclair has learned to use the life sustaining energy contained in each heart beat as Soul Link to produce healing results. Soul Link relieves STRESS in seconds. 

Awareness in Consciousness as a process neutralizes, unlocks or greatly reduces energetically locked pain in approximately10 seconds. 

While most related memory healing therapies are 60% to 80% successful, Gary has proven his work to be 100% successful for over three decades. 

In the last year over15,000 memories were neutralized as Gary taught these techniques in person. Each person agreed that they had 100% success in neutralizing any memory. Twenty percent of those taught were medically diagnosed with PTSD.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief wrote, “I laud your ground-breaking efforts in what may prove to be the future of medicine.” Epigenetics, as a growing health care field, has proven that we can have a controlling influence over our health.

About the Author: Gary Sinclair, Cyberphysiologist

Gary was born in 1945 with 50% lung capacity. He grew up a severe asthmatic with a life of breathing complications. At age 22 he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and slowly went down to an 80% mobility loss by the age of 25.Determined to heal, it took Gary16 months to overcome his “so-called” permanent wheelchair lifestyle. At age 36 God graciously and miraculously gave Gary full lung capacity in15 minutes from what had diminished to 1/3 lung capacity. Gary then began his research to help others understand their part in the healing process. He studied every form of therapy wanting to know the “magic moments” where miracles took place and created a program called Restoration.

He remained healthy until July 2, 2015, when he suffered 14 strokes in three days. Even with half of his body paralyzed with each stroke, Gary was completely back-to-his-normal self within 30 minutes of each stroke, because he practices what he teaches. The USCD Medical Center staff was in shock-and-awe! Schedule him to teach your group how to do all of this!

Today at age 70, Gary is the best example of his work in Cyberphysiology with two Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Gary Sinclair resides in Fallbrook, California, with a private and on-line Skype practice while traveling globally to teach and certify people in Cyberphysiology, Restoration, and Soul Link. Gary teaches in minutes how to neutralize worst memories ever in 20 seconds.Television, radio, teaching, and speaking engagements may be arrange through the author at: [email protected] or www.GarySinclair.com.  Free copy of eBook until 10-10 on Amazon.com.


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