Morocco: HM King Mohammed VI Chairs Opening of Parliament

2015-10-11 22:07:56 (GMT) ( - Press Release World News News)

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HM King Mohammed V chaired on Friday, October 9 , 2015  in Rabat , the opening of the first session of the fifth legislative year of the ninth legislature.

On this occasion , the sovereign  gave a speech  before the Parliament’s two chambers  (the House of Representatives and the House of Advisors), in which he focused in particular on the first local and regional elections held under the new Constitution.

In his address, the King underlined that international observers welcomed the smooth conduct of the elections, and stated that the voting was free, fair and transparent.

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI noted  that the high voter turnout in the southern provinces  is a “further democratic proof that the sons and daughters of the Sahara are deeply committed to their country’s territorial integrity and political system”.

For His Majesty, this high voter turnout in the southern provinces also reflects their willingness to “be effectively involved in the nation’s institutions”.

In this respect, the sovereign stressed that the democratic legitimacy freely conferred by the citizens upon the officials who were elected there makes them the true representatives of the inhabitants of the Moroccan Sahara - not a minority who reside abroad and who are under the illusion that they can be self-proclaimed representatives, without any basis for their allegations.

Regarding the candidates who were not elected this time, the king said that they should  embark on constructive self-criticism to correct mistakes, redress what needs to be redressed and engage in hard work - starting from today - in order to win voters’ confidence for future elections.

The monarch  added that elections are “not an end in themselves, but rather the real start of a long process which begins with setting up institutions and conferring legitimacy upon them”.

The king concluded  by saying  that  this legislative year is particularly important. It is indeed the last one in the current term, and the setting up of a number of constitutional institutions has to be completed.

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