Consumer Reports Blasts Arbitration Clauses as Too Common and Patently Unfair

2015-10-15 17:25:12 (GMT) ( - News Providers News)

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10/02/2015 // Hartford, CT, USA // cttriallawyers // Neil Ferstand // (press release)

The Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association ongoing effort to transmit a variety of civil justice news items to Connecticut legislators reflecting the importance and extent to which civil justice and the civil justice system enters our lives. This week legislators were given the opportunity to learn more about mandatory forced arbitration clauses, which have become all too common in consumer contracts. Consumer Reports blasted this corporate practice as unfair to consumers and suggested consumers look closely at their cell phone, banking or credit card contracts. In further news, legislators learned more about the skyrocketing cost or prescription drugs and the corporate shenanigans that keep them high. In addition, one story included new information about “Right to Try” - Press Release Distribution Service


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