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A powerful new book has been released. Author, Holli Pellman’s book entitled, I’m Ready To Talk, Are You Ready To Listen is a compelling rendition of one woman’s journey of survival through physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse.
It’s hard to have a testimony without going through some strenuous tests in life. Holli is living proof that both men and women who’ve been involved in trying experiences and have almost given up hope, can come back strong and encourage others to do the same.
At one time despondent, dejected and dismal at best, Holli takes you on a tumultuous journey and shows you how to take your scars and turn them into stars, how to take your minuses and turn them into pluses, how to turn your upside down life and make it right side up.
Now a successful business owner, savvy entrepreneur and author, she spreads hope and success to her down trodden listeners as well as many who are well to do.
Her powerful message of never giving up even when the odds are stacked against you strikes a chord of harmony consisting of resilience and truth with many who need words of encouragement when they seemingly have nowhere to turn. 
Read Holli’s story and be inspired!
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