King Mohammed VI’ s Speech to the Nation on 40th Anniversary of Green March

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HM King Mohammed VI arrived on Friday , November 6 in the southern city of Laayoun to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the peaceful Green March that ended the Spanish colonization in southern Morocco.

As the Royal procession crossed the city’s avenues, the populations of the Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra region gave the warmest and most enthusiastic welcome to the sovereign.

The king’s visit to the capital of the country’s Saharan south, reflected the sovereign’s constant care for the population of the region and resolves to guarantee their dignity.

On the occasion of this historic event , the sovereign delivered an important speech from Laayoun reflecting his vision for a new development model for the Kingdom’s southern provinces.

In his address,  the king affirmed that the development model of the southern provinces aims to “seal these provinces’ integration into the unified homeland and to enhance the influence of the Sahara region as an economic hub and a crucial link between Morocco and its African roots”.

Recalling the Autonomy Initiative for the Southern Provinces, which was judged by the international community as both serious and credible, the monarch stressed that this Initiative is “the most Morocco can offer”.

The sovereign pointed out that its implementation will hinge on achieving a final political settlement within the framework of the United Nations Organization.

The king also stressed the need to promote development in the southern provinces, to safeguard the dignity of the sons and daughters of those provinces and to defend the country’s territorial integrity, in keeping with the same spirit of commitment and sacrifice which characterized the Green March.

After years of sacrifice and political and development-oriented efforts,  Morocco has reached maturity, HM the king underlined, adding that conditions  are now ripe for the dawn of a new era in the process to consolidate national  unity and achieve full integration of the southern provinces into the  motherland.

The implementation of the Development Model for the Southern Provinces and the application of advanced regionalization are part of that process, the monarch pointed out.

HM King Mohammed VI noted that while the people in Tindouf, in Algeria, continue to suffer from poverty and despair, Morocco is pressing ahead with the development of its southern provinces.

In this respect, the monarch announced that the southern provinces will see large-scale infrastructure projects, as the road network in the region will be enhanced, and a dual carriageway complying with international standards will be built to link Tiznit, Laayoun and Dakhla.

The  monarch also expressed his ambitions to see a rail link between Tangier and Lagouira to connect Morocco with the rest of Africa.

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