Two Vans Tango across the Americas

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Riva da Pinerola, Torino, Italy, 11/24/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Two vans have been tango dancing, criss-crossing the United States, and they have just crossed the border into Mexico.

The vans contain dancers, dance instructors, and the publisher of the magazine ‘Modern Tango World’.

The trip began in Montreal and will end Buenos Aires, stopping for milongas and tango festivals along the way.

One van is driven by Raymond Lauzzana, publisher of Modern Tango World magazine.

The other van is driven by journalist Francis (Pancho) Clouthier and his dance partner, Catherine Magnan.

Raymond is on a journey to find stories, advertisers and subscribers, and generally promote the magazine.

The magazine documents the modern developments in tango that have swept across the world in recent years.

Pancho is interviewing dancers, musicians, instructors and event organizers that he meets along the way.

These interviews form the basis for stories to be published and a documentary film about the journey,

Catherine joins Pancho in dance instruction and performances at  various venues that they encounter along the way.

You can follow their journey on their websites. The next stops are Hermosillo, La Paz, Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara.

If you are tangoista,  you might like to have them participate in your community. Maybe, you might even join the caravan.

The official website for Modern Tango World is The Facebook page is

The official website for Tango Mobile is  The Facebook page is



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