TXbuyers.com Opens New Location in Houston

2015-12-15 13:06:05 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com - Press Release Real Estate News News)

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Houston, TX, United States, 12/15/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Houston, Texas December 12, 2015 TXbuyers.com, a company that helps local homeowners sell their homes quickly and without headaches, announced today that it is opening a new location in Houston. TXbuyers.com matches sellers with investor buyers. The home sale process can then move much more quickly than a standard listing.


“If you’ve ever sold a home, you know how stressful it can be,” said Chris Uhler of TXbuyers.com. “You jump through hoops, spend a lot of time and end up dealing with a broke first time buyer – talk about a waste of effort. This is the problem we solve. We can get you an all-cash offer on your home in as little as a day.”


By working with investor buyers, TXbuyers.com avoids two pitfalls in the standard real estate sales cycle: The buyer is highly experienced and completely qualified financially. And, the buyer is most likely not going to live in the house, so many issues of personal taste and the minutiae of repairs are left out of the sale process. “We buy houses as is, no problem,” Uhler said.


TXbuyers.com has been praised by clients as an effective solution for homeowners who are dealing with foreclosure.  In those situations, being able to find a buyer rapidly can help the owner avoid serious legal and financial troubles.  The service is also useful for people who are facing bankruptcy, inherit a home or receive a home as part of a divorce settlement.  “Sometimes, you want to cash out and get on with your life,” Uhler added.  “And why not?  Do you really want to be a part time, amateur real estate person, which is what happens when you list your own home for sale even with an established broker.”  


TXbuyers.com has helped homeowners who need to make major repairs but lack funds as well as those who have properties on the market for long periods of time.  Tenant evictions can also be aided by a quick sale of the property.


For more information, visit http://txbuyers.com



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