Maui’s Pet Dental Health Awareness Month Starts February 1, 2016

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Kahului, Hawaii, United States, 02/01/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

In order to address the importance of oral health care for pets in Maui, At Home Animal Hospital promotes the National Pet Dental Health Month in Maui every February. Pet dental awareness 2016 in Maui starts on Monday, February 1.

Almost eighty percent of dogs and seventy percent of cats in Maui show signs of oral disease by the age of three. Bad breath or yellow teeth in pets are much more than just a cosmetic and oral issue. Oral diseases, poor dental hygiene or the lack of dental care on animals can bring more serious health problems to pets. Periodontal disease is the most common dental disease on cats and dogs in Maui. Preventive care and early detection are fundamental actions for the overall health and wellness of pets.  Oral diseases such as advanced periodontal disease can not only bring severe pain in cats and dogs but may also affect livers, hearts and kidneys, as well as increasing the risk of oral cancer.

Therefore, the veterinary dentistry of “At Home Animal Hospital in Maui” ( will be conducting comprehensive pet dental exams at its veterinary clinic in Kahului. Annual dental examinations, extractions, and comprehensive dental cleanings will be conducted by our veterinary dentists.

Appointments for the Mobile Veterinary Service are also available for pet owners who would like to be serviced at the comfort of their homes or office. “At Home Animal Hospital” will be sponsoring the dental awareness month by offering to pet owners 10% off on dental exams, procedures, cleaning, and extractions. In addition, full-mouth digital dental X-Rays will be 50% off their original price. These promotional offers will be valid during the month of February.  

Furthermore, our veterinarians will be posting useful dental care tips for cats and dogs on our website and in our Facebook page. To schedule a full dental exam and cleaning, pet owners can call (808) 873-0102 or request an appointment on the veterinary’s website.  Remember to download the dental promotional coupon or mention the discounts at the time of the appointment at our pet dentistry.

About At Home Animal Hospital
At Home Animal Hospital and Mobile Veterinary Services is the premier veterinary hospital in Maui. The animal clinic has state of the art medical and surgical equipment on Maui’s island. Latest full digital laboratory, surgical equipment, X-ray devices, emergency veterinary room and mobile veterinary service, along with a professional and experienced veterinarians make our veterinary clinic the leading animal hospital in Maui.


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Hospital Manager

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