New Pain Management Technique Is Changing Lives For The Better

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Treating chronic pain effectively can change people’s lives. Some of the methods for change used by the Anchorage Healing Therapeutics Health and Wellness Center are applied kinesiology, muscle testing, bio-feedback, reflexology, allergy therapy, massage therapy, and nutritional therapy. Surgery and prescription drugs are widely used these days, sometimes without considering other solutions, and are often unnecessary. The staff at the Anchorage Center strongly believes that the body has an innate ability to heal itself and is dedicated to exploring and taking advantage of those possibilities.  
The Anchorage pain clinic therapist is Mark Stiubhard, AKP, TFHP, MT, who has been practicing the healing arts for over ten years. One of the treatments in which he specializes, is applied kinesiology, the study of the principles of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement. Another, deep tissue massage therapy, targets the layer of fascia and muscles that lie beneath the outer muscle. This technique has grown in use during recent years as has myofascial release for treating the thin tissue surrounding muscles and organs throughout the body. Other areas of treatment useful in healing the body naturally include acupuncture, weight loss programs, balancing, stem cell enhancement, nutrition, clinical hypnosis, detoxification, and stop smoking protocols.
Patient reaction to treatment received at the Healing Therapeutics Health and Wellness Center is positive as indicated by this comment from Jesse, “I have worked with Mark for six years. He has demonstrated a consistent passion to help people get well and stay well using natural methods”. Many people tend to put off checking pains which come and go but always come back. The goal at the clinic is to encourage those with chronic pain of any type to have it checked by a qualified professional sooner rather than later.
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