Creative Biogene Will Reduce Your DNA Synthesis Cost With Oligonucleotide Pool

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Creative Biogene, a leading supplier and manufacturer in genomics and proteomics field, held an internal seminar on the advanced service—oligo pool, which plays a vital role in DNA synthesis.

Although, as we all know, the cost of DNA synthesis has dropped by five orders of magnitude in the past decade, its applications in many other fields is still very expensive. Some approaches, such as DNA microarray, have decreased the cost of oligonucleotide synthesis. However, many factors limit its abilities.

As the increased requirements on the synthesis of primers, the traditional methods, such as, exon trapping and targeted regions trapping are commonly applied for the second generation sequencing. However, the cost of these traditional methods is very high. What’s more, as the demand of primers from gene expression library also continues to grow and these traditional methods can not only cause difficulties to subsequent screening, but also reduce the chance probability of success, as well as bring the increased redundancy of library. These disadvantages are very common for researchers and scientists.

The reasons above direct Creative Biogene to do something for its loyal customers. So the seminar on oligo pools was held.

Why can oligo pools in Creative Biogene be so outstanding?

High throughput

Because of the increased requirements in DNA synthesis or primers, oligo pools in Creative Biogene are designed for synthesizing millions of samples. So the high throughput feature must be a part of oligo pool. Given this point, Creative Biogene developed two platforms in this service, which can deal with up to 12000 different oligos or 9000 different oligos per pool.

High fidelity

The synthetic quality is also the main concerned. Many factors, such as technological mistakes and sample preparations, may bring inaccurate results. This service in Creative Biogene has high fidelity, which controls the error rates as low as 0.5% (one error in two hundred bases).

Other advanced features:

The amount of each oligo is about 1 mole. Oligo length ranges from 10-200 bases.

Compared to traditional methods of DNA synthesis, oligo pool must be the most effective and time-saving one.

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