First GCC-Morocco Summit In Riyadh

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The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), a regional political organization that comprised the Gulf States of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain, held on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 in the Saudi capital, the first summit between Morocco and the member countries of the (GCC).

Thirty years after the GCC’s creation in 1981 and the first of its kind, this summit is a reflection of the special and distinct relations that bind the six-country grouping and Morocco and their strong belief in the importance of solidarity and complementarity between them.

This new partnership also confirms the kingdom’s position as a reliable ally and strengthens its role as a geostrategic platform among different geopolitical areas.

In his speech delivered at the opening ceremony, HM King Mohammed VI underlined that the Kingdom of Morocco and the GCC countries constitute a strategic unified bloc, as what affects the security of any one of them affects the security of the other countries.

“Despite the geographical distance, we are bound by solid relations that, in addition to language, religion and civilization, include a commitment to the same values and principles and the same constructive policies”, said the King.

“Rather, joint action requires serious endeavors, tangible cooperation and success stories which can be further consolidated and from which we can benefit; the pioneering GCC experience is a shining example in this regard”, the sovereign pointed out

“It is a message of hope for ourselves and a strong signal to our peoples that we can develop common, rallying projects”, concluded King Mohammed VI.

For his part Saudi Arabia’s King Salman reiterated the keenness of the GCC states to put their bilateral relations with Morocco at the highest levels in all spheres, including political, economic, military and security.

“As we appreciate your country’s supporting stances for the causes of our countries, (we) confirm our solidarity and support for all political and security-related issues concerning your country, including the Moroccan Sahara issue,” affirmed King Salman. 

This summit marks yet another instance in which Morocco seeks unity of purpose and common goals with beyond its border.


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