Florida Catering Service Offers Healthy, Affordable Gourmet Meals For Busy Lives

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In 2015, S&J Catering launched their new Dine In service to serve freshly prepared meals to busy individuals, families and seniors. Dine In is a franchise company that was founded by Claire Kats, who is a chef, bestselling author and host of nationally syndicated talk show “Food Fight Radio.” With fourteen years in the catering business, the owners of S&J Catering, Steve and Jacqueline Mosley, decided the next practical step in food catering was to help busy people and busy families eat well on a tight schedule. Thus, they began offering the Dine In dinner delivery service in the South Florida area.
One of the top complaints of busy professionals and busy families is that they are always eating on the go. Forgoing home-cooked meals and family dinners eat into the quality of life and leaves individuals and families feeling unnourished and lacking. Eating healthy with a varied meal plan is also difficult for those with strapped time and energy to cook at home. Sharing a meal with your family is an important aspect of family connection, communication, and wellbeing. However, when busy families do cook at home, the process of preparation, cooking, and cleanup is stressful. Dine In is an evolution in catering, fusing everything individuals and families love about cooking at home and ordering takeout, and none of the rest.
“Busy families don’t have the time and money to spend on take-out or cooking at home,” explains Kats. “We designed Dine In to be an inexpensive alternative to both, and found that families save $200-400 a month working with us instead of ordering take-out or groceries to cook.” 
How does it work? In essence, customers subscribe to be a guest in a local kitchen that delivers right to their door. Dine In cooks a different meal every day Monday through Friday, and the four-week schedule can be found right on their website. Customers indicate how many nights a week they would like meals delivered, and how many meals per night, and what time they would like their meals delivered. Dine In offers individual adult meals at $10/meal, family options for $25/meal, and a special senior discount for two meals for $15.99 delivered to residents of senior communities. Customers sign up for a four-week cycle and can cancel or change their preferences with one week’s notice. Meals are then delivered chilled, twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.
A major benefit of home cooking that does not get lost on Dine In is being able to adjust meals to suit the customer’s specific dietary needs. When customers sign up, they can indicate their dietary needs and preferences, and the central meal can be adjusted accordingly. Dine In offers vegetarian, low salt, and MVP (more veggies please, less starch) options for every meal, and any food allergy can be omitted. All meals are portion-controlled and balanced, with ingredients purchased locally with in-season foods. The menu is diverse and inventive, reflecting a fusion of ethnic foods and comfort foods, and reflecting the expertise of the chefs who prepare it. Meals are prepared in local commercial kitchens within five miles of the delivery area, using strict cooking procedures to ensure safety and consistency. Meals are never frozen, and no preservatives or excess fats and oils are ever used.
“The driving force behind Dine In is simplicity,” says Kats. “Busy professionals busy families, and senior citizens can still sit down to eat a healthy, delicious, home-cooked meal without expending excess time, money, and energy on food preparation and cleanup, and we think that’s important for a good life.”
Dine In serves busy individuals and families, as well as senior centers in the Miramar-Pembroke Pines area, and the West Fort Lauderdale areas of Sunrise, Tamarac, and Plantation. To learn more about Dine In and to check out their upcoming menu, visit their website at www.dineindinners.com/ or email [email protected]dinein2nite.com or call 1.888.646.3257. 1.888.646.3257

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