Are Prior Injuries Affecting Your Car Crash Claim?

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As you can imagine, when the case is not the hands of an experienced attorney, this can cause a lot of problems when filing an accident claim. Many clients find that their cases are dismissed altogether, or the settlement they receive is substantially less than what they expected it would be. This can create a major financial problem for these clients. To learn more about the damages that are generally included in car accident settlements, click here.

At, we’ve seen this happen over and over again. Car accident victims will attempt to take on their own cases, but without the proper guidance and legal assistance from a professional Los Angeles car crash attorney, they don’t know how to proceed in order to maximize settlement amounts in spite of their current physical situations.

Let’s look at an example.

Perhaps you had some back pain and you were already seeing a doctor for it on a regular basis. You were diagnosed with a herniated disk several months ago, and your pain was relatively manageable at the time of your accident. After your car wreck, it was discovered that you herniated a second disk in your back. The right type of legal representation will know how to present the second herniated disk as a new injury that is directly related to your crash. Doing that means obtaining the proper proof of your injuries as a new development, and as being directly related to the accident. Emphasizing this to your doctor will certainly help, because your medical records will be used to prove your injuries.

It is also the job of your Los Angeles auto accident lawyer to prove liability. This is very difficult to do when you’re acting as your own attorney, and insurance adjusters will work very hard to ensure a small settlement if you don’t have a professional helping you with your case. You can learn more about auto accident liability by clicking “Determining Liability After a Crash – Advice from a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney Resource

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