Popularity Of Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures Continues To Rise

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Responding to consumer demands for minimal pain and downtime after a procedure, nonsurgical cosmetic procedures have seen a sharp increase since the mid-1990s. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the numbers have risen from 740,751 nonsurgical procedures in 1997 to nearly 8.9 million in 2014. This is the result of both advances in technology and seems to also stem from a change in paradigm for why people opt to go in for cosmetic procedures.
“When cosmetic surgery first gained popularity, patients came in with the desire to look ten or fifteen years younger, and now the goal tends to be to look the way they feel, to look their best for who they are,” explains Angela Alvarez of cosmetic medicine group Strax Rejuvenation located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  “They don’t feel tired and sad, but the lines and wrinkles on their faces make them look that way. They exercise and eat right but still carry excess fat, skin, and cellulite. Patients desire that their outside appearance reflects the way they actually are.”
Patients of aesthetic medicine want results with the least amount of pain and downtime required. Technological developments in nonsurgical procedures since the mid-1900s now allow practitioners of aesthetic medicine to work with patients’ individual needs and goals. One of the cutting edge developments has been the innovation of nonsurgical body contouring and fat reduction technologies such as the BTL Vanquish METM which is a fat removal and circumferential reduction device that gets amazing results in the least amount of treatments, and in the shortest amount of time. For stubborn cellulite and loose skin, there is a well-known device called the VelaShape®. Nonsurgical body contouring procedures are not replacements for surgeries like liposuction, but rather target loose hanging skin, cellulite, and excess fat in places that diet and exercise cannot reach, such as the inner arms and thighs, neck, elbows, and even hands and feet. The BTL Vanquish METM is the perfect device to remove abdominal fat and reduce inches for patients who don’t want surgery or have the time to recover from liposuction.
To treat lines and wrinkles there are new breakthroughs such as light chemical peels and new generation injectable treatments. Nonsurgical facelifts make use of chemical peels like the Vi Peel and dermal fillers like Radiesse, Belotero, and Juvederm, which smooth out wrinkles and folds in the face. The use of neurotoxins (a segment of the market that was once dominated by Botox®) has come to a balance in recent years as aesthetic medicine practitioners have worked out the optimal levels of botulinum toxin type A found in medications like Xeomin needed for different skin types and varying severities of lines and wrinkles. Development of a topical application for botulinum type A is expected to come out in the next few years. There are also innovative treatments that use the patient’s own blood to reduce signs of aging in the face, and to help reduce the loss of hair and actually generate new hair growth, a treatment known as PRP (platelet rich plasma treatments).  The PRP treatment for the face is known by the brand name of the 
Vampire Facelift®. For complexion issues and skin lightening, IV Therapy Glutathione treatments are extremely effective.
Continued demand and development for nonsurgical technology has shifted cosmetic procedures into complementary therapies to help patients reach goals they are already working towards in different areas of their lives. However, aesthetic practitioners caution patients that not every nonsurgical procedure is for every patient, and nonsurgical procedures may not achieve the results that surgical procedures can. Instead of going into this decision with a particular treatment in mind, aesthetic medicine practitioners encourage patients to discuss their individual needs, goals, and lifestyle with their provider before deciding on the procedure that is right for them.
“Talk with your provider about your goals and concerns,” Alvarez advises. “An injectable that worked great for your friend might cause an allergic reaction for you, or your body mass index may be too high for treatments like VelaShape® to get the results you want. New technology and procedures come out every year, and patients have more and more options available.
 For more information about surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures available, visit Strax Rejuvenation at their website www.straxrejuvenation.com

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