Real Estate Firm Aims To Purchase 50 Properties In Indianapolis Area By May 1st

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Indianapolis, IN, USA, 02/27/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Christopher Ellyn Homes, a real estate company based in Indianapolis, announced it needs to acquire 50 properties (residential, commercial, apartments, houses, or lots) by May 1, 2017. The real estate provider is willing to make cash offers within 24 hours of seeing the property.

Sellers are assured of a fair price and quick payment release regardless of the current condition of their homes.

Ryan Dossey, a licensed real estate broker and currently handling the company’s PR and networking functions, said Christopher Ellyn Homes is willing to pay in cash if the seller signifies his or her intentions to close the deal. “Our goal is to prevent the property owner from getting more frustrated with their unwanted property,” Ryan added.

There are several reasons why property owners want to put their homes up for sale. Some of these are costly repairs, retirement, downsizing, bad tenants, vacant houses, avoid foreclosure, divorce, liens, and relocation.

Christopher Ellyn Homes is aware of these issues confronting homeowners. However, selling through realtors is quite expensive and takes a long time. The market price may be higher, but most people find out it is not worth the effort, cost, and time. Owners need to fix the entire structure (interiors and exteriors), wait for months while looking for possible buyers, and pay out a certain commission to the agent.

“A better option is Christopher Ellyn Homes because we buy the property directly from the owner,” Ryan explained.

In other words, owners are not required to make repairs or wait since the company will buy and pay immediately. They do not charge any administrative fees or ask for commissions from the seller.

The process is very straightforward. Property owners simply have to fill in a short form at the website of Christopher Ellyn Homes ( and a representative from the company will get back to the seller within 24 hours. The company provides a reasonable and formally written, no-obligation offer. Potential sellers can go through the proposal before signing any contract.

All the client has to do is to inform Christopher Ellyn Homes when the money is needed. Funds are available and closing the deal can be done in less than seven days sometimes. This is a big relief for beleaguered property owners.

The company moves fast in reviewing documentation and checking the property if it meets their criteria. There are times when inspections are finished in just one day. Likewise, there is no red tape or unnecessary delays since the company will make payments right away if they like the property.

About Christopher Ellyn Homes

Christopher Ellyn Homes is not just an ordinary real estate firm. It is a solutions provider. The family-owned business concentrates on helping homeowners with problems like foreclosure or the need to transfer to another state or city. Interested property sellers can check the company website,, or call telephone numbers (317) 782-5481. 


Christopher Ellyn Homes

342 N 17th Ave

Beech Grove, IN 46107

(317) 782-5481


Ryan Dossey, Owner

Realtor License  #RB15001099

Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

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